Justin and I have been friends and colleagues since 2006. When we had the pleasure of working with each other, our lunch and after-school conversations were always driven with the intent to create solutions about the music education profession. We finally decided to create a podcast to share our honest conversation with colleagues! The Score Podcast will operate as an urban music education podcast providing tips and strategies for music educators.

During each episode we take a short break to do “In Rotation”. Where we discuss what we are currently listening to. We would like to hear from you as well! This can be an song, album, playlist or genre.

-Eric Jimenez

Let us know what you have IN ROTATION
  • Ep. 38- Hip Hop Music Ed- Interview: Jarritt Sheel
  • Ep. 37- What Message Are We Sending Our Students?
  • Ep. 36- F.I.N.D. Your Brilliance- Interview: Franklin J. Willis
  • Ep. 35- Be Willing to Teach Us Too
  • Ep. 34- White Fragility in Music Education

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